Variety Sues Punk Band, Again

hollywood potato chip.png

Interesting priorities over at Variety. Instead of, say, focusing their concerted efforts on redeveloping their brand or finding a way to compete with online rivals like Deadline Hollywood, Variety is suing the punk band “The Vandals”…for the second time…for copyright infringement of all things. The trouble started back in 2004, when Variety sued over the cover of The Vandals’ album “Hollywood Potato Chip.”

THR Esq. has the story:

Reed Elsevier, Variety’s parent company, sent a cease and desist letter and ultimately worked out a settlement with the band, which agreed to change the cover art and stop using the Variety-esque lettering. If the band members breached the deal, they agreed to pay $50,000 plus attorneys fees.

Case closed, right? Flash forward to April of this year, when Reed sued the band for breach of contract in federal court in Delaware, claiming the offending image had reappeared on a website for the band and its label Kung Fu Records. Reed lawyers argue that the breach of the settlement agreement is clear-cut. The band claims it wasn’t behind any errant images that may have popped up online and that Reed never provided an opportunity to “cure” any breaches.

Vandals bass player, Indie 103.1 host, and apparent Loyola Law School grad Joe Escalante is now representing the band and is trying to get the case dropped in Delaware.

H/T Romenekso