Variety Film Exclusives Muffled by Paywall

From what we can tell,, the much ballyhooed window into what’s being published daily behind the paywall, is not yet indexed on Google News. Which is a shame, because the trade publication has been doing a great job recently of landing film news exclusives.

Unlike, the Hollywood Reporter and TheWrap, where Variety film editor Josh Dickey used to work, the 106-year-old outlet (!) receives far fewer Internet “hat tips” and URL-linked rewrites, because most third-party sites are unwilling to point to a URL that requires membership. And until the entertainment journalism community at large starts getting blasted with Google News alerts, not too many seem willing to pay attention to Showblitz.

It all adds up to the the trade’s exclusive movie business imprint being somewhat muffled. Beyond those who subscribe to the publication or keep a close media eye on it, the amount of first-there news in the film realm might truly surprise.

For example, by FishbowlLA’s count, Variety last week had something like two dozen different film exclusives, everything from Albert Finney and Joan Allen being in negotiations to join the cast of The Bourne Legacy to Kevin Bacon considering becoming the bad guy opposite Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds in R.I.P.D.. It will be interesting to see if in-linking to, and awareness of, the work being done by Dickey and co. changes once Showblitz starts blitzing Google News.

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