Paint Still Drying at

The new, paywall-free Variety website is definitely a work-in-progress.

Clicking at press time for example from the home page to the Video section (or any other inside portion) takes users from an all-white to an all-black background design layout. And… when you get to the video index page, several of the top-listed items are previews of last weekend’s Academy Awards.

There is also a “Coming Soon” for the VScore menu bar tab.  Today’s announcement promises that when this feature becomes available, it will offer “an interactive dashboard for all of the critical business metrics across the industry as well as custom analysis from the Variety team.”

The first few reader comments to this morning’s 6 a.m. launch announcement were positive, but the vocal naysayers have since begun to show up. Here’s a brief sampling from that discussion, sure to expand as the day goes on:

Steven K: Now I can finally view your site on my iPhone! Love the new design.

Leslie R.: This new format is beyond awful. Re-design fast or I’m never opening the site again.