Variety Endorses Hillary Clinton

The endorsements keep rolling in.

Variety has joined the parade of publications backing the only non-sociopath running for president, Hillary Clinton. This is the first time in Variety’s 111-year history that it has endorsed a president.

“…This year, the editors-in-chief and our publisher, Michelle Sobrino-Stearns, feel strongly that we should buck tradition and take a public stance on this historic election; for the same reason that The Atlantic endorsed Clinton (marking only the third time since its 1857 founding to back a candidate), we didn’t want to sit on the sidelines and come down on the wrong side of history,” read the editorial.

“We are proud to endorse Hillary Clinton as president and put an end to a prolonged election circus dominated by an egomaniacal ringmaster,” continued the op-ed. “Through it all, she has remained dignified and focused on the issues. We believe she will lead America forward with great vigor and success.”