Variety Details Paywall-Free Blog Showblitz

Variety confirmed news from Monday, originally reported by, that it will launch a blog outside of its paywall and offered details about the new product, Showblitz, in an email:

Dear friend of Variety,

Variety is excited to present Showblitz, a breaking news blog designed with you in mind.

Showblitz is an up-to-the-minute, easy-to-digest showcase for Variety‘s best scoops and important entertainment news stories.

We realize that our paywall has discouraged sites like yours from linking to our content in the past, even when Variety breaks big showbiz stories. Showblitz gives you a way to let your users have access to an important source of news — and it also gives you an easy way to monitor a feed of Variety‘s exclusives and breaking news.

This is not a strategy shift for The paywall lives on. Each entry on Showblitz — short, timely, punchy and art-centric — will include links to the full stories within In fact, what better way to entice eventual new subscribers than great, compelling, timely, and newsy content they can’t get anywhere else?

We hope you’ll explore the blog and use it as your personal Variety feed (if you don’t subscribe already; and we hope it encourages you to do so!). But most importantly, we hope you’ll start linking to Showblitz, which you’ll notice is not ad-supported — it’s built for you to use and, hopefully, help draw attention to Variety‘s wealth of breaking entertainment news.

Thanks for your consideration and happy linking,

The Variety staff David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.