Starts Implementing DailyMe’s Newstogram Service

You’re likely already familiar with DailyMe’s Newstogram content personalization service — we recently covered the work they’ve done with ImpreMedia. Now, the behavioral tracking service is teaming up with to provide website visitors with customized news and entertainment.
Newstogram works by tracking a person’s movements as they visit a site, then running the data it has gathered through a prediction engine, finally presenting highly relevant content specially geared towards that visitor based on what they are most interested in.
Says Jen Collins, General Manager of

Our audience relies on us for up-to-the-minute and breaking industry news. They’re short on time and looking for specific information related to what’s happening in their world at that moment. By implementing Newstogram, we have a detailed understanding of our user’s interests and can tailor to each individual visitor, making us even more of a must-read resource than before.

The service seeks to make it easier for advertisers to reach their intended audience as well as for publishers and editors to cater to specific readers. Explains DailyMe’s CEO Eduardo Hauser:

We’re helping digital publishers become indispensable to their readers. Newstogram improves news relevancy and personalization in a way that allows sites like — which already offers highly specific information to its targeted audience — an even more focused way to extend and engage its audience.