VaporChat Aims to Replace and Improve Our Mobile Messaging Experience

The app focuses on user security, allowing the sender to delete any sent text or photo from the recipient's device, even months after it's delivered.


VaporChat has announced the official launch of its mobile messaging app of the same name, alongside the news it has raised $1.5 million in seed funding. The app calls itself the “first platform that allows the sender… to be in total control over anything they send,” and includes a “Vapor” mechanic to allow users to delete individual sent messages, or even entire conversations at any time, removing them from not only the sender’s device, but also the recipient’s.

VaporChatIf users want all of their content to “Vapor” automatically, they can chat in “Vapor Mode,” which adds a self-destructing timer to any sent text or photos, guaranteeing their removal after a set amount of time. In addition, users can customize their content “copy/paste” settings, which can prevent the recipient from copying or saving anything they receive.

While the idea of “disappearing messages” definitely isn’t new, VaporChat wants to stand apart from its competitors, in part, via ease of use. The app doesn’t rely on slide or hold-to-reveal elements (described as “cumbersome”), and even takes screenshots into account for additional user data protection.

That is, users can choose to receive a notification when a recipient takes a screenshot of their sent content, which can also trigger the deletion of the entire chat string. This doesn’t prevent the recipient from taking the screenshot in the first place, but it does warn the sender so they can be more cautious going forward. If there’s a concern over screenshots before the chat even begins, users can choose to hide their name from appearing in the chat window as a precaution.

VaporChat doesn’t just want to be an addition to a user’s messaging habits, it wants to replace the existing messaging experience, and become a user’s default app. As such, the app relies on phone numbers for connections, connecting existing contacts that are also using the app.

In a statement, Ken Fried, founder and CEO of VaporChat, commented on the app’s launch:

We’re thrilled to announce VaporChat as the much-needed solution to security issues arising from traditional messaging platforms. By combining user protection with everyday functionality and flexibility, VaporChat is a tool for everyone, from individuals exchanging everyday messages and photos to working executives sharing sensitive business information.

VaporChat is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, and is currently in development for Android.