“Vantage Point” Goes Virtually 3D on Mobiles in Japan

The Sony Pictures flick “Vantage Point” opens in theaters across the U.S. today, but fans in Japan have to wait until March 8 to head to the cinema for the action-packed thriller. While they’re waiting, though, Japanese consumers can get in touch with their inner Secret Service agents inside the mobile virtual world Lamity.

press_lami_f03.gifFrom mobile game maker EitaroSoft, Lamity is the first 3D virtual world for cell phones, kind of like a Second Life for the really small screen. Its newest “townscape” is a reproduction of scenes and a plot similar to those of “Vantage Point.”

The game is set in a virtual version of a public square in Salamanca, Spain, where the movie takes place. Players become Secret Service agents and can team with other players to figure out who killed the president. They can also watch a trailer for the movie in a virtual cinema in the 3D town.