Vanity Plate Legislation Sparks First Amendment Debates

You might remember from a while back when UnBeige somehow became the premiere online home to all things license plates. We’re not sure how it happened or why it happened, but when we get a letter from an executive at the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administration asking if we’ve seen this NY Times op-ed about license plate legislation by license plate writer Stefan Lonce, we realize that we have a civic duty to let these voices be heard and, as such, we must give this new license plate obsessed readership what they’re hungering for. But really, all kidding aside, it’s a pretty interesting opinion piece on a subject you probably don’t know a ton about and really isn’t getting reported on too often. In this case, it’s largely about legislators deciding if vanity plates fall under the first amendment and what can be done to maintain their existence without offending anyone. So read it, consider yourself more educated about a new topic, and then impress the hell out of everyone at your next social gathering, resulting in you becoming to the envy of all your peers and more attractive to members the opposite sex. You’re welcome.