Vanity Fair’s Wolff In Talks To Launch Internet Business

Vanity Fair columnist Michael Wolff, he of the “let’s make this boring Reuters panel exciting” school, is in discussions with Barry Diller‘s InterActiveCorp to launch an Internet news business. Via Valleywag:

Wolff, in an email to Valleywag, confirmed he was talking with Michael Jackson, head of IAC’s content efforts: “I’m too old for social media. I’ve been talking to MJ and others about a news idea.” Presumably, if Wolff gets funding from IAC, he’ll have to give up his Vanity Fair job. Wolff had a weekly column in New York Magazine for many years, and had seemed grumpy, more so than usual, at the Conde Nast monthly, in which he appeared only sporadically. (Wolff says, nevertheless, he appears more than any other contributor.)

Interesting, considering Wolff once outed Barry Diller in print.


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