Vanity Fair’s JFK Love Child Goes Public

0214worthington.jpgLast week, word leaked out that an article in Vanity Fair about a possible illegitimate son of John F. Kennedy was in the works (and possibly being killed). Now the man in question has gone public.

Meet Jack Worthington (pictured). The 56-year-old native Texan currently lives in the suburbs of Vancouver, BC with his Canadian-born wife and their children. A Columbia University graduate, Worthington went public with his identity by giving interviews to The Vancouver Sun and The Globe and Mail. So far, the US press seems not to have picked up on the story — apart from small mentions by Fox News and Bloomberg, there’s been nary a peep from the media.

So is Worthington the real deal? As seen from the picture, the physical resemblance is there. However, the The Globe and Mail is skeptical. Apart from his claims of blood descent from JFK, Worthington also claims to have knowledge of a conspiracy involving Lyndon Johnson that was involved in the assassination:

Mr. Worthington said his mother’s paternal family had strong political ties to Mr. Johnson, and he stated that “the rise of LBJ and fall of JFK” were significant factors in his own story and in any possible connection to the Kennedys. “My existence is a potential Rosetta stone for a confusing period of American history,” he said, citing the ancient stone found in Egypt that has become known as a symbol for the solution to a puzzle.

Worthington said he went public due to the Page Six article. So what we want to know is… why is it almost inevitable that a person claiming to be JFK’s love child would have inside knowledge of his assassination?