Vanity Fair Strikes Back at the Clintons

angelina-jolie-vanity-fair-july-2008.jpgVanity Fair is responding in kind, if with slightly less fewer words (104) to the Clinton’s memo, which itself was in response to Todd Purdum’s article in July’s Vanity Fair, which, among other things, seems to suggest a whole lot of dubious behavior on Bill Clinton’s part without actually catching him in the act. Phew. Perhaps if his name could be confused with that of a terrorist Media Matters would already be all over it.

Vanity Fair has their say (via Politico) after the jump. Another round of this and we’ll need a flow chart.

In a response of nearly 2,500 words–a quarter the length of the actual story–former president Bill Clinton’s office fails to address a single factual mistake in Todd Purdum’s Vanity Fair article. Purdum, who has covered President Clinton on and off for 16 years beginning with his 1992 presidential campaign when Purdum was with The New York Times, spoke with dozens of current and former senior Clinton aides during the course of his reporting. Purdum also contacted the Clinton office long before the article’s completion and had several conversations with staff regarding the president’s participation. Vanity Fair stands behind the article and Purdum’s reporting.