Vanity Fair Names James Cameron as Hollywood’s Biggest Earner

The March “Hollywood Issue” for Vanity Fair contains a number of interesting things, including a piece about how it might be more trendy to be fat than buff (we said interesting, not correct!). The real meat of the issue, however, is in its list of the highest-earning people in the industry. Number one is James Cameron, who garnered a whopping $257 million last year, mostly because of that movie about blue people who aren’t really people but are controlled by people or whatever.

Cameron getting a lot of money is nothing surprising, but as FishbowlNY perused the list, a few things caught our eye.

First there’s Vin Diesel, ranked #29, who was paid $15 million for the upcoming Fast Five movie, the latest addition to to the Fast and The Furious franchise, which are basically the same movie, over and over again. Then we noticed that Will Smith (#11) raked in $5.5 million for The Karate Kid, a movie made possible by pimping out his son (Willow you’re next sweety!). Finally, there’s Steven Spielberg, who came in at number three despite not earning much of anything from movies.

That wasn’t the surprising part, because Spielberg’s talent ran out after Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. The surprising part was that he made most of his money – $50 million to be exact – just from Universal Studios theme park royalties. Yes, that’s right, Steven Spielberg made $50 million last year from kids eating too much cotton candy then puking on a ride that vaguely resembles a Brontosaurus.

Hollywood: Capitalizing on the stupidity of Americans since the 1920s.