Vanity Fair: Kate Moss Nipple Alert

Yesterday I dug into Vanity Fair as I hung out poolside (see how dedicated I am, working on my vacation! Always thinkin’ of you, baby), and in between reading about Mary Mapes‘ vindications (whose contributor’s photo is glowingly more attractive than that one shot that seemed to be used everywhere), Arianna Huffignton‘s fascinating backstory, Maureen Dowd‘s glib rendering of the Proust back-page questionnaire, James Wolcott‘s deconstruction of the attempted de-construction of PBS (illustrated with a very cute photo of Big Bird looking forlorn), and Michael Wolff detailing the rumormongering and blame-gaming of pre-indictment PlameGate, I counted six nipples, all belonging to Kate Moss. This is not to suggest she is a cow, but rather that Vanity Fair ran a total of eight photos of Moss for its cover story by Vicky Ward (nine including the cover), and four of them clearly featured her nipples (six because there were two mono-nip shots). There’s no real point to this, other than I noticed the trend and was a tad scandalized that two of them were bare. Fishbowl: bringing you the news that matters/secretly working for Vanity Fair.

For the record, yes, I think she can come back. Also, Pete Doherty? Punching so above his weight. But I’m sure he had other fine qualities, like ruining her life.

(Oh, fine…also for the record, yes, they’re very nice, if you’re into perfect nipples and all that)