Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue Rundown

mimi.jpgThe Vanity Fair Hollywood issue hit the streets a couple days ago. Given its Talmudic complexity (and heft), it’s going to be a little while before I’m able to offer an authoritative interpretation of the text. (I’ve already examined the cover here.)

Some notes from a first reading:

Most indulgently self-referential moment: Page 200, in Krista Smith’s interview with hotelier Jeff Klein, who is remodelling the Argyle Hotel in Hollywood:
K.S.: Are you going to keep the name Argyle?
J.K.: No. I’m going to call it the Krista. [Laughing.]

Worst sentence: On page 297 in Evgenia Peretz’s toothless takedown of the Kabbalah Centre:
“Like any church worth its salt, the Kabbalah Centre is a hospital for sinners, not a museum of saints.”

Best submerged factoid about a minor celebrity
: On page 294, in Duff McDonald’s year-too-late piece about the Hollywood poker fad, the revelation that Mimi Rogers plays internet poker “for hours every day.”