One-Time Gawker Recapper Richard Lawson Joins Vanity Fair

Forget the recent exit of the Vanity Fair Oscar party from the Sunset Tower. The real Hollywood VF moving and shaking these days is going on in the publication’s Tinseltown editorial ranks.

As we recently reported, Katey Rich starts December 2 as digital Hollywood editor, based here in New York. When she begins her exciting new duties, she will additionally have at the west coast “bureau” helm former Gawker and The Atlantic Wire writer Richard Lawson. From today’s announcement:

“I couldn’t be more delighted that Richard is joining the team,” digital director Mike Hogan said. “Vanity Fair has always nurtured and celebrated original voices, and Richard’s is both unique and addictive — as the many people here who read him every day can attest. One of them described him as ‘H.L. Mencken if he read US Weekly,’ and I can’t really improve on that.”

Perhaps not, but we can. Based on the photo that Lawson provided, Hogan might have wanted to add a hoodie-wearing H.L. Mencken.

Meanwhile, VF digital editor Chris Rovzar is referred to in the announcement, in the third person. Which wouldn’t normally be of note except that Rovzar also wrote the item. However, since third-person referencing is a time honored Hollywood tradition, it is in this case entirely appropriate. FishbowlNY co-editor Richard Horgan heartily approves.

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