Vanity Fair bombshell: Hatcher’s hush-hush Hell

Forget Barbara Walters. The new place to reveal intimate, painful memories is Vanity Fair.

The AP just moved a story that says that Teri Hatcher‘s uncle was a child molester – and she one of his victims.

More, Hatcher apparently very nearly didn’t press charges fearing the merciless gaze of the Enquirer and the like:

Hatcher said she hesitated because she thought tabloids would suggest she was trying to resuscitate her then-languishing career: “Here’s what I anticipated. He did this, he gets off, and Teri ends up on the cover a tabloid.

What’s really scary is that she’s probably right: With a hit show on TV, you can accuse Mother Teresa of running a puppy mill to make snuff films; if your career slows for even a moment, you couldn’t contest a parking ticket in Santa Monica without David Pecker‘s crew dumpster diving their way into your tax returns.

In Hollywood, failing to be a sufficiently sizeable star to justify expending the ink involved in covering a long trial is considered the real crime.