Vanity Fair Adds 80,000 Subscriptions Since Trump Attack

Thanks Donny boy!

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 8.29.05 AMThe media Trump Bump—wherein a media outlet gets a boost after being criticized by our tiny brained president-elect—is real. Just ask anyone at Vanity Fair.

According to Politico, VF added 80,000 subscriptions after Donald Trump called the magazine “way down” and “dead” on Twitter. What prompted this attack from Little Boy Trump? He was upset that VF didn’t like one of his restaurants.

VF is just the latest outlet to experience the media Trump Bump. The New York Times also added a heap of subscriptions following Trump’s win.

For news outlet execs, the best business strategy for 2017 and beyond is to simply report on Trump and wait for him to inevitably lash out like a toddler who missed his nap. Then the execs can sit back, put their feet on a desk, and watch the money pile up.