Vanessa Williams To Become Assistant Metro Editor

From the release:

    We are delighted to announce that Vanessa Williams, currently a senior editor on the Continuous News desk, will become Assistant Metro Editor with responsibility for overseeing the section’s coverage for

    This is an important step in the evolution of Metro’s commitment to extend its coverage on the Web and other multimedia platforms. Continuous News will still have an important role in overseeing and providing coverage for the Web, especially on weekday mornings. For most of the rest of the time, however, Metro, under Vanessa’s leadership, will take the initiative itself to ensure that is provided with timely, thorough reports of major breaking local news stories. Vanessa will be Metro’s principal liaison with, and will oversee the section’s collaborations on multimedia enterprise stories and projects. She will be a member of Metro’s senior editing group, with responsibilities for coverage in the paper as well as on the Web.

    In 11 years at The Post, Vanessa has established a strong record as an editor and writer. On Continuous News, she edited stories from writers throughout the newsroom. She also was one of the key liaisons between the newspaper and the Web site. Previously, she did a year-long reporting stint for National during the 2004 election, when she spent much of her time chronicling John Edwards’s vice presidential campaign. Before that, she worked on the District desk for 3½ years as an assistant city editor overseeing government and politics. She came to the paper as a reporter covering D.C. government and politics. We especially welcome her passionate commitment to local news, her experience and her independent thinking. Vanessa will begin her new assignment later this month.