Vanessa Valenti on How a Lack of Profit United a Young Feminist Blog Network

Vanessa-Valenti-WParticleIt’s 2004 and Vanessa Valenti and her sister Jessica Valenti  turn to the Internet in an effort to expand the conversations around feminism they’d been having with each other. Problem is, there’s seemingly nothing for young feminists: no blogs, no forums, no speck of an online community anywhere. 

And in that fight-or-flight moment, they decide to start their own. As the site celebrates its 10th year, founder Vanessa Valenti recalls what it was like in the early days, especially as other sites for young feminists came on the scene:

I definitely never saw them as competition. It created this powerful feminist blog network supporting one another by linking to each other and featuring each other’s posts. Basically, within the network, we were influencing each other. Interestingly, a part of me feels like because of the fact that none of us were making money, we were kind of removed from competition.

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