NYT Fashion Director Vanessa Friedman: ‘I Get a Lot of Feedback’

HaaretzLogoEarly on in Haaretz’s interview article with New York Times fashion director and chief fashion critic Vanessa Friedman, the former Financial Times reporter pays the readers at her new place of employment a solid compliment:

“The nice thing about the Times is that it has very interactive readers, very engaged readers, and so I get a lot of feedback – definitely more than I did before. It helps me understand who’s reading and their thinking… whether or not we agree with each other.”

Friedman met reporter Sahar Shalev in the lobby of a Tel Aviv hotel. She came to Israel for a visit to the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design and a viewing of fashion design graduates’ final projects.

There is tons more great info and observation in the Haaretz Friedman Q&A. We were struck for example by the wisdom of this fashion designer’s approach to the preponderance of Smartphones around runways:

“Someone once told me that when Miuccia Prada is casting her runway show, she will not only look at the girls, she’ll also film them to see how they look on camera. They don’t really care how good they look in person. People watching them in person only see them for 15 minutes, but they see them on-screen forever, which is interesting.”