Vanessa Bayer’s Job Interview Coach Character

SNL cast member recalls a premise that never quite made it to Weekend Update.

We are big fans of Seth Meyers’ “Second Chance Theatre,” for which the Late Night host occasionally stages Saturday Night Live concoctions that for one reason or another, were scrapped at the writing-dress rehearsal stage.

The topic came up during Mike Ryan’s recent Uproxx Q&A with SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer, who co-stars with Amy Schumer in Trainwreck. Bayer did not want to reveal the sketch she thinks has the likeliest chance of being showcased one day by Meyers, but she did talk about another fun character we never got to see:

“When Simon Rich was a writer on the show, he and I wrote this Weekend Update feature character who coached people, a job interview expert. I would come on and I would talk to Seth, when he was the Update anchor, and I would say like, ‘Seth, here are tips for doing a good job interview. You have to dress professionally and do all this stuff.’”

“This will be hard for you to write, but I had this vocal tic where I kept going, “YEH-YEH!” So, I’d be talking and in the middle of my phrase, I’d go, “yeh-YEH-yeh!” And at the end of it, I’d be like, “Seth, you have a lot of vocal tics. You say, ‘um,’ then you say, ‘um,’ then you ‘yeh-YEH-yeh.’ Then I’d be like, ‘You can’t say ‘um’ so much, it’s distracting.’ We tried it so many times. And I don’t think it even made it to dress rehearsal. So, I would love to do that on Second Chance Theater.”

Last year on “Second Chance Theatre,” Bayer helped Will Forte resurrect Jennjamin Franklin, with help from Fred Armisen and Jason Sudekis.