VandeHarris: Shafer’s Take

Here’s what Shafer’s got to say (in perhaps one of the most interesting and thoughtful takes yet):

  • “If swarms of midlevel reporters were making this exodus instead of senior aces, I might draw that conclusion. But Harris, VandeHei, and Von Drehle have been bid away for top dollar, which makes it hard to view them as survivors awaiting rescue.”

  • “Both Harris and VandeHei are stars, but let’s admit that some of their luster came by their association with the Post, the premiere source for political news from Washington.”

  • “Of course, Harris and VandeHei will get most of their calls returned without dispensing Post pixie dust, but they won’t necessarily be at the head of the line in their new gig. Washington and New York are the only places in the country where the number of good reporters exceeds the number of good sources, which gives sources leverage.”

  • “…with the possible exceptions of Mike Royko and Mary McGrory, nobody in American journalism is irreplaceable. The Post has always had a strong bench, and there’s never been a scarcity of experienced reporters in Washington or talented minor leaguers out in the provinces dying to play for Team Graham. Advantage: the Washington Post.”

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