Vancouver Riots Spawn Reputation Fears, Expose Widespread Stupidity

A Canucks fan poses for a photo. Photo: Anthony Bolante, Reuters

Oh, Canada. Vancouver had a big riot because the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup and now Canadians wonder whether its nice-guy reputation is toast.

Moreover, folks are questioning the effectiveness of the police, who managed to keep things in order during the Olympics last year, but were unable to stop millions of dollars in damage done by distraught hockey fans. Even the firefighters were attacked, so fires burned for hours.

“… [T]he city opens its bloodshot eyes to the much sadder reality of a tarnished reputation,” wrote the Vancouver Sun.

And things are about to get worse for the rioters. They were all over Facebook and Twitter talking about the destruction they were causing and now they’re going to get arrested. The authorities are also asking people to send in photos and videos from the riots.

In a face-saving move, Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson is saying that it was “anarchists and troublemakers” who were responsible, so the police couldn’t have possibly been prepared for what happened. And while there’s room for improvement, Canadians should praise the cops for their efforts.

Of course it wasn’t drunk, crazy Vancouver residents who went too far. It wasn’t us, it was them. Instead, blame sinister troublemakers who came out of no where to cause unrest, huh Mr. Mayor?  Where have we heard that before?

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