Vancouver Olympics, Zynga, Movies and Body Wash in This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

The Vancouver Olympics, a series of page consolidations, and a few new movies show up in this week’s list of the 20 Facebook Pages that gained the most new fans in the past week.

Still holding top spots are Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker at number 1 which experienced steady growth during the past week, finally ending up with 12.1 million fans. Mafia Wars, another Zynga creation, landed third this week after steady growth to hit 9 million fans.

Top Gainers This Week
Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Texas Hold’em Poker 12,116,796 +834,288 +7.39
2. ChapStick 641,744 +420,547 +190.12
3. Mafia Wars 9,049,064 +401,370 +4.64
4. Vancouver 2010 Olympics 1,061,430 +398,289 +60.06
5. Shaun White 1,024,058 +329,720 +47.49
6. Oreo 4,188,855 +305,317 +7.86
7. The Artifice 2,417,128 +272,251 +12.69
8. Forrest Gump(1994) 724,836 +249,846 +52.60
9. New England Patriots 358,612 +177,770 +98.30
10. Jeff Dunham 2,245,545 +165,919 +7.98
11. REMEMBER ME 245,869 +150,018 +156.51
12. Alice in Wonderland 306,518 +125,049 +68.91
13. Türk Bayrağı 3,059,200 +123,685 +4.21
14. Barack Obama 7,646,425 +117,081 +1.55
15. Lady Gaga 5,357,318 +116,287 +2.22
16. Megan Fox 5,926,688 +110,782 +1.90
17. Facebook 7,372,154 +108,256 +1.49
18. Michael Jackson 11,032,413 +107,147 +0.98
19. Starbucks 5,914,355 +97,190 +1.67
20. Old Spice 521,046 +94,293 +22.10

Stuck in between the two in second place was lip balm maker ChapStick, which saw an increase of more than 375,000 on February 17; otherwise not much is happening on the Facebook page. It and a few others on our list likely grew due to Facebook consolidating unofficial pages; another was the 1994 “Forrest Gump” movie, which added more than 245,000 fans last week to reach number 8, the New England Patriots football team with 171,000 new fans at number 9 and comedian Jeff Dunham, who gained 138,000 fans to grab tenth place.

Two pages that have been on the Top 20 sporadically also made the list. The Turkish national flag (Türk Bayrağı) Page at number 13 gained 120,000 fans over the past week and number 19 Starbucks which is currently pushing 6 million fans and added almost 85,000 fans during the same period.

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics official page took fourth place with steady growth last week and over 1 million fans. Meanwhile, U.S. Olympic snowboarder and gold medalist Shaun White landed the number 5 spot and saw his page grow to over 1 million fans in the days following his gold medal win in Vancouver.

Oreo cookies was sixth with more than 4 million fans and The Artifice took number 7 and currently has more than 2.4 million fans, which is interesting given that there’s still no information about what it actually is anywhere on the page.

Two highly anticipated movies rolled in at number 11 and 12, “Remember Me” and “Alice in Wonderland,” respectively. “Remember Me” saw huge growth last week that tapered off over the weekend; the movie stars “Twilight” teen heartthrob Robert Pattison and has a Wall that plays on his fans’ adoration. The movie is set to premiere on March 12. Tim Burton’s remake of “Alice in Wonderland” starring Johnny Depp saw growth last week, too, and hits theaters March 5.

A slew of regulars on the Top 20 list rounded it out this week: Barack Obama at 14, Lady Gaga at 15 (although she also performed at and won three BRIT awards last week), Megan Fox at 16, Facebook at 17 and Michael Jackson at 18.

Interestingly, Old Spice landed at the number 20 spot and now boasts 523,000 fans. The Wall contains some evidence as to why, including several videos of commercials for a new type of body wash that are meant to be humorous and sexy for both men and women.

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