Van Gogh Museum Set to Close in 2012 for Renovations, Collection Moving to Hermitage Amsterdam

Hot off the heals of last year’s fun “watch them restore The Bedroom live” online project and the recent news that a once-though self-portrait is now believed to be a painting of his brother, Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is closing up shop. We could very nearly hear your audible gasps at that news, but rest easy (and stop gasping so loudly), the museum will just be closing temporarily, as their building is renovated, largely “to meet the heightened security requirements for the visitors and the art” (we think that means that they’re going to re-do all the eyes, so it looks even more like the paintings are looking at you no matter where you are in a gallery — that’s always spooky). What’s more, the Van Gogh is giving everyone plenty of notice, as they won’t close down until September 15th of next year, then hoping to re-open on March 15th of 2013. In the interim, if you’d like to still see a bevy of paintings by the artist, you’ll only need take the short hike over to the Amsterdam arm of the Hermitage, the aptly named Hermitage Amsterdam. The fellow museum will take a reportedly large collection from the rehabbing museum, both for safe keeping and to mount a special exhibition. So now that you know all the details and understand that you have a whole year to prep for its closure and that, on your next trip to Amsterdam, you can still swim in a sea of Van Gogh’s, hopefully you’re back to being calm and relaxed. It’s at this point that we wouldn’t even dare tell you another piece of museum news: that plans for a Bruce Lee Museum in Hong Kong have fallen apart and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be built. Oh, wait… Sorry. Please feel free to take another Xanax.