Valleywag Gets it Wrong

Valleywag has posted an article suggesting that the I Am Hungry application auction that I broke the news about a couple days ago, was a set up. I admit that the auction looks like there were significant jumps but when people post high bids, the auction can begin to look suspicious. I was able to get a hold of the buyer who informed me that they did indeed purchase the application.

A new company, AppStars, has been formed and they plan on launching a number of applications in the coming months. Apparently they already have an existing portfolio as well but I have no information regarding their other applications. The funny thing is that Doug Caverly of WebProNews decided to publish an article and stated that Dan Penguine penguine did not respond to a request for comment. As I’ve been told, that request never happened and all Doug is doing is furthering the rumor.

Let me say that I have spoken with both parties involved in this auction and everything has checked out. Dan also pointed out to me that the finalvalue of the application with a rebate ended up being $15,600 plus great payment terms. The bottom line is that this was a legitimate transaction. Honestly, Valleywag hasn’t always been a reliable source so I shouldn’t be surprised. I am on the other hand a little surprised that WebProNews would post an article based on something that was alluded to on Valleywag. Oh well!