Valista Offers Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile commerce solutions provider Valista is offering up some tips to help advertisers and service providers get more from their mobile marketing campaigns.

First, the company recommends keeping terms and conditions for content usage and subscriptions simple and easy to understand. Basically, the more small print, the less likely consumers are to sign up.

Keep bundles limited to similar or related products, such as packaging a movie ticket offer with an associated ringtone. Also, Valista suggests, keeping digital and physical goods separate will increase the likelihood of purchase.

Limit bundles to three items; more than that and the price gets too high, and consumer interest gets driven down.

Valista also says it’s important to sell across multiple channels. Cross-channel loyalty reduces churn and increases customer satisfaction. For example, build up SMS campaigns with one-off e-mails that can be read on a phone or PC.

One of the most common complaints against the mobile content market, the company says, is poor value for money. Combat this by ensuring that the price you set reflects value to consumers.

Finally, to keep customers loyal, make sure your loyalty programs are attractive and can be used for future purchases that customers find valuable.