How One Company Used #ValenVines To Win Twitter Today

Did you create a ValenVine for your Valentine today? If not, you missed out. But no worries – there’s always next year. Or HallowVine. (You get the idea. And yes, I know that doesn’t work nearly as well.)

Some people were ALL over it though – and one company in particular created about a bazillion Vines in response to followers tweets. All hilarious. (Mostly hilarious.)

If you thought our post earlier was “dumb,” get your angry pills ready – because this one is entirely and unapologetically stupid.

Twitter sent out a #ValenVine challenge earlier and many put their creative abilities to the test.


But that’s nothing compared to what Red Square Agency accomplished. They set up a Cupid scene and took requests via Twitter for personalized messages – and demonstrated perfectly how to use Vine for business (if you’re a creative agency, that is).

And they also demonstrated how to hijack a hashtag from Twitter – pretty impressive.

Here are a few of their ValenVines to get you started. You can see the rest here – there are 178 in all.  



(Cupid image from

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