Top 10 Facebook Apps for Valentine's Day

How much do you love me? Enough to send a few Valentine’s gifts and greetings on Facebook? That’s good enough for me. Even though Facebook is heavily promoting its own gifting options for sending Valentine’s Day greetings to friends, there are a lot of other applications on Facebook’s platform that will let you in on some holiday fun. In case you’re among the last minute lovers, here are the top apps (based on daily growth) for Valentine’s Day.

Send Cool Hearts

The Send Cool Hearts application is all about hearts. All the gifts available to send to friends are heart-related, from heart charm necklaces to images of burning hearts. The more gifts you send, the more gifts that are unlocked for you to then send on to more friends. You can send gifts to up to 25 friends at once, making this an easy-to-spread application that may feel a bit spammy to the recipients. But hopefully the friends you send cool hearts to will also be in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

My Valentines

The My Valentines My Valentines application is a lot like (*) Send Cool Hearts (*) but there are several more gifting options. Heart candy, a blinged out necklace, massage oil and chocolates, this app mimics the real gifting ideas associated with Valentine’s Day. Some of the gifts are locked, so you’ll need to delve into some app activity in order to earn points required for unlocking gifts. Now you can afford to send that pair of edible undies.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Happy Valentine’s Day! application is yet another powered by the Gift Creator. It offers a wealth of gifts to be sent to your Facebook friends. As with most gifting applications, you’ll need to send gifts in order to unlock the good stuff. So far, the Happy Valentine’s Day! app has the most animated Valentine’s Day gifts I’ve seen so far, so if you’re into bouncing, dancing hearts, this is the app for you.

Valentine’s Cards

This Valentine’s Cards application allows you to do just that–send Valentine’s Day cards. Even though this app is set up as a gifting application, the gifts are in fact card greetings. Unfortunately there’s not much variety for the cards available in this app just yet. There are four cards to start out with, and another eight that area accessible once you’ve earned enough points to unlock them. Hopefully we’ll see some additional options this time next year.

Valentine’s Gifts

Pretty self-explanatory, but this Valentine’s Gifts application is not powered by Gift Creator and appears to have a few better looking gift options. The variety is quite slim, until you earn some points an unlock more gifting options. What’s frustrating about the lack of gift options is that the activity required to unlock more gifts is reliant on a short holiday window given the fact that this is Valentine’s Day–not Christmas. The developers behind Valentine’s Gifts, however, have another application that’s not holiday specific, so I imagine that launching smaller holiday apps are good ways to redirect some traffic to other apps and push out ads as well.

Love Explosions

This Love Explosions application is a branded app launched by Lacoste. To promote a new scent called The Love of Pink, Lacoste’s application isn’t necessarily Valentine’s Day specific, but this holiday is a great opportunity to push the app across Facebook users. You can send various types of love “explosions” which are actions or items related to love. Tattoos, kisses, and fireworks are just some of the options for Love Explosions, all of which will eventually invite the sender and the recipient to try out a free sample of Lacoste’s scent.

Valentine Candy

Everyone loves candy. The Valentine Candy application lets you send the virtual version to your Facebook friends when you can’t send the real thing. Valentine Candy covers the basics, from candy hearts to jelly beans and chocolates. Too bad this app doesn’t have an option to send real gifts to real people. A girl can always dream…

Valentine Kiss

What’s better than candy on Valentine’s Day? A kiss. Pucker up with the Valentine Kiss gifting application. There’s the Brad Pitt kiss, the emo kiss, the fairy tale kiss, and even one specific to the holiday at hand. Even if it’s not Valentine’s Day, you may want to keep this application in mind the next time you’re thinking of that someone special.

Old School Valentines

Yes, yet another gifting application powered by Gift Creator, but the Old School Valentines app is still a pretty cute application if you’re at all nostalgic for the days of swapping Valentine’s Day cards in elementary school. These super cute greetings are sure to get your friends’ hearts beating with excitement, and they’re fun and different enough to stand out from the crowd.

Send Flowers

While not designated just for Valentine’s Day, this Send Flowers app is seeing a boost in traffic thanks to the romantic nature of the holiday. The price of real flowers is going up in most places around the world, as the flower importing industry is in a slump. So sending a virtual version of a bouquet may be your best bet this year. When will that smell-o-rameter become available?


There are plenty of Valentine’s gifting applications out there for you to select them. Interestingly enough most of them are powered by Gift Creator. Regardless of what types of applications are available, there are enough valentines going around on Facebook that you’re sure to get plenty of love on the site this year.