A Twitterific Valentine’s Day: 140-Character Valentines From Around The Web

In honor of Cupid and red roses worldwide, we’re wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day in Twitterific fashion.

Below, browse through 140-character love notes – if you like one especially, feel free to tweet it to your own valentine.

The Good

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.” (Source)

“I can talk to hundreds of people in one day, but none of them compare to the smile you can give me in one minute.” (Source)

“You’re the best thing about me.” (Source)

The Bad

“If I was on a lifeboat, lost at sea for months & months, with everyone I know & love, I would totally eat you last.” (Source)

“When I see you, my heart soars like a vulture following the scent of carrion.” (Source)

“It’s not just guppy love, you’ve got me bowled over.” (Source)

The Ugly

“My love is as tall as the mountains, deep as the oceans, wide as the sky above; which is good, since the restraining order is only 500ft.” (Source)

“I want to grow old and disgusting with you.” (Source)

And, our personal favorite:

“You’re the top trending topic in the Twitter feed of my heart.” (Source)

Want more? Check out Mahogany L Browne’s book #Dear Twitter: Love Letters Hashed Out On-line in 140 Characters or Less.

(Image via Shutterstock)