Valentine’s Day Brings Some New Faces to Top 20 Facebook Pages

Valentine’s Day and some page consolidation are responsible for bringing us some new faces to this week’s mixed bag of Top 20 Facebook Pages. Many pages had Valentines-themed apps or contests and some of the newbies include Dr. Pepper, Zoosk and Skittles.

Top Gainers This Week
Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1.Texas Hold’em Poker11,282,508+967,243+9.38
2.Mafia Wars8,647,694+459,556+5.61
3.Dr Pepper1,363,919+332,885+32.29
4.Vancouver 2010 Olympics663,141+282,103+74.04
6.BRING ME THE HORIZON199,065+147,798+288.29
7.Barack Obama7,529,344+147,124+1.99
9.Megan Fox5,815,906+130,172+2.29
10.The Bible1,587,640+130,019+8.92
11.Michael Jackson10,925,266+128,731+1.19
13.Türk Bayrağı2,935,515+119,327+4.24
16.The Ellen DeGeneres Show1,643,350+91,843+5.92
17.The Artifice2,144,877+91,481+4.46
18.Lady Gaga5,241,031+91,273+1.77

Still holding the number 1 and 2 positions on this week’s list are Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker, with more than 11 million fans, and Mafia Wars, with 8.6 million. Both games had some pretty trippy Valentine’s Day-related gifts, with lucky gift poker chips and a Cupid Hit Squad, part of Mafia Wars’ violence-themed Valentine’s celebration that culminated with a “Valentine’s Day Massacre.”

At number 3 was Dr. Pepper, a soft drink that recently hit the 1 million fan mark and was celebrating by pushing a photo upload contest, as well as a series of new commercials. Fourth with 663,000 fans was the official Vancouver 2010 Olympics Page, which grew by leaps and bounds on the day of the opening ceremonies — February 12.  And Oreos had an Oreo-themed Valentine’s Day application that, coupled with the Oreo/Ritz NASCAR victory this weekend, landed the Page at the number 5 spot with 3.8 million fans.

Some recent regulars of the list rounded out the middle of the list. President Barack Obama at number 7, Coca-Cola at number 8 (perhaps aided by its charity/Super Bowl campaign), Megan Fox ninth, The Bible at number 10, Michael Jackson eleventh and Facebook 12.

The Turkish national flag (Türk Bayrağı) Page is back at the number 13 spot this week, although it seems to have been aided by an 85,500 jump in fans on Sunday; the page has almost 3 million fans now. Starbucks saw an increase of 57,000 on Sunday to land at number 14 this week.

Zoosk, the self-proclaimed “#1 dating application on Facebook,” was number 15 this week, aided by a few likely page consolidations of 45,000 and 33,000, but maybe also by Valentine’s Day? The Ellen DeGeneres Show rolled in at number 16, likely because last week was her first night on as a judge on “American Idol.”

The Artifice continues to grow, now with more than 2 million fans, which is quite a feat considering that they don’t even have a Wall. Lady Gaga took the number 18 spot for being Lady Gaga, but also because of a jump of 42,000 fans on Thursday. Number 19 was the Twilight Page, which may have been aided by tweens in love on Valentine’s Day, when it jumped by 49,000 fans.

Finally, Skittles, which had a pretty interesting Valentine’s Day activity — creating Valentine’s Day messages for a parking enforcement officer — landed at the number 20 spot.

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