V.P. Biden Gets Flirty on Campaign Trail


If V.P. Joe Biden gets any hotter we’re going to have to call in the fire department to hose him down. Yeah, it’s that bad.

In White House Pool Reports over the past few days, it’s evident that Biden is one hot tamale on the campaign trail. Especially among elderly women who seem to especially warm to him.

But he’s no ex-President Bill Clinton, or, apparently, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-Hookerville).  Whenever a woman compliments him on how “gorgeous” he is, he immediately mentions his wife…

From LAT‘s Michael Memoli: At a further booth, an older woman was in shock to see VP there. “You’re better looking in person!” she said. Close readers of VP pool notes can guess the response, the same one he’s given to similar comments that seem to happen an awful lot: “Will you write a note to my wife?”

And this: Then here come the groupies. A group of older women came near looking to snap some photos and great the VP. One of the women called him “gorgeous.” “Would you tell my wife that,” VP responded. Poses with arms around a pair of women for a picture, not rushing the moment at all. “I loved what you did to Paul Ryan,” one woman said. “You were great today. We love you,” said another.