Uwe Boll vs. New York Post


German filmmaker Uwe Boll is popularly described as a “schlockmeister.” His specialty is producing film adaptations of video games — Boll’s CV includes House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne (hey, Michelle Rodriguez needs parts too!). Three of his films have appeared on the IMDB’s 100 Worst Movies list. He also is known for publicity stunts like taking on his critics in boxing matches.

Now Boll is being sued by the New York Post. Boll created pisstakes of the Post for his new film Postal at two sites: ny-postal.tk and postal-themovie.com/mag. The Post claims the film mocks 9/11 and that Boll’s satire constitutes theft of intellectual property.

Does this mean we get to see Uwe Boll and Coll Allan in the boxing ring? God, we hope so.

Boll’s fake Post in all its PC-baiting glory:

<img src="/fishbowlny/files/original/0731postal.jpg"

[Image via Joystiq]