Utne Reader Relocating, Shrinking

Ogden Publications is moving its Utne Reader from Minneapolis to Topeka, but the seven staffers who run the magazine aren’t tagging along.

Folio reports that the move was a cost-saving operation: “Having a satellite office in this day and age is hard,” editor-in-chief David Schimke told Folio.

“Being separated from its roots is not something we desired, but in weighing all the various factors, this seems to be the best move forward,” publisher Bryan Welch told the Star Tribune, which called the Utne’s move as unthinkable as “Garrison Keillor moving ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ to Des Moines or the Guthrie shuffling off to Omaha.”

The magazine’s budget will be halved after the move, from $500,000 to $250,000, and a smaller core staff assisted by other Ogden employees (who work on Mother Earth News, Motorcycle Classics, Grit and Capper’s) will continue to put the title out. But given these constraints, the seven staffers who currently put the magazine together elected not to move to Kansas.