Utah Denies Vietnam War Hero License Plate for a Lame Sex Joke

Sex sells. Unless you're in Utah.

Arnold BreitenbachMeet Arnold Breitenbach. (If you are the nationalistic sort, you might want to salute him.)

According to The Spectrum, which covers southern Utah, Breitenbach is a Purple Heart recipient who served as a gunner on an armored personnel carrier.

The guy doesn’t ask for much, but he recently had the bright idea to get a personalized plate commemorating his tour.

Breitenbach sought a license plate with the Purple Heart logo and the letters CIB-69, representing the Combat Infantryman’s Badge he received and the year he was awarded the Purple Heart.

awardsCool, right?

The Utah Department of Motor Vehicles didn’t think so, because they were too preoccupied with protecting the people of their state from SEX.

He was denied because the DMV has a specific rule “banning the number 69, with a few exceptions that don’t include birth years or years of military service.”

The Spectrum received a letter of explanation stating, “Administrative Rule R873-22M-34 is clear regarding the use of ’69’ on personalized plates – ’69’ formats are prohibited unless used in a combination with the vehicle make, model, style, type, or commonly used or readily understood abbreviations of those terms.”

Thank the ghosts of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith for that. Breitenbach said:

“I figured in today’s day and age, when President (Bill) Clinton can have all that stuff going on in the Oval Office and he says that what he did wasn’t really sex with that woman, (it’s odd) to be turned down because this is so offensive to the citizens of Utah.”

He even wrote his local Congressional representative, Rep. Don Ipson, and the Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert. The story began two years ago, but the state is getting all the bad publicity now because the appeal was denied this week.

Maybe the DMV needs to hire a crisis firm. Or they could just change the ridiculous law.