Ex-UTA Agents Launch Streaming Content Portal

Funny business in Hollywood is serious business. Or, in the case of former UTA Online agents Jason U. Nadler and Jon Zimelis together with veteran Internet writer-producer Alex Blagg, Serious.biz business.

This trio is aiming for lucrative yuks and more via their new “Internetainment firm,” which already has seed funding from LA VC Brave New Ventures. Nadler and Zimelis also have the benefit of a synchronized rolodex, along with deep subject matter knowledge. Per today’s press release:

“After representing clients such as College Humor, The Cheezburger Network and Smosh.com, I am looking forward to shepherding established online creators into other mediums as a producer,” said Nadler.

Added Blagg: “We see a lot of opportunity to develop and foster original and authentic voices where the Internet and traditional entertainment industry intersect… We even made up a word (Internetainment).”

Looks like the Hollywood Reporter got that word wrong in their report today, listing it as “Intertainment.” With a misquote out of the gate and a wise partnership with Funnyordie.com, these guys are already off to the races.