U-T San Diego Unveils Redesigned Website

On Tuesday, after four months of work, U-T San Diego flipped the switch on a new website design. The revised color scheme and navigation work well, offering something akin to USA TODAY ‘s original print edition.

The paper has had an official presence on the Internet since the earliest days of daily newspaper websites – 1994 – and was previously parked at the URL signonsandiego.com. Wisely and cleverly, the paper’s new owner Doug Manchester and his CEO John Lynch partnered with a local firm for the online revamp:

The redesign was executed by Mindgruve, a San Diego-based digital marketing and technology consulting firm. In keeping with readership trends, its designers paid particular attention to the article, or story, page.

“We know that the article page is the most consumed page on the website, so we focused on its readability, whether it’s the size of the type and the spacing, or making sure it’s easy to read on tablets, and on the desktop web,” said Clint Walden, Mindgruve’s executive creative director. “We tried to make sure there was no dead end on article pages, so that once readers select an article, they can keep going on the topic of their choice.

The images are larger, the headlines bolder and there is now an increased emphasis on both video content and social media. There’s also a new Editor’s Picks column showcasing at any time five select items from the site.