Douglas Manchester Talks About Poetry, Gay Marriage and His Own Infidelity

Today’s profile of Douglas Manchester by Voice of San Diego senior reporter Rob Davis is easily the best article so far to come out of the ongoing media blitz being put forth by the new owner of the renamed U-T San Diego. The piece begins with some very evocative scene-setting:

It’s early morning, and Doug Manchester is sitting at a corner table in the ornate private dining room at the $300 million Grand Del Mar. He owns the place and looks the part.

The fireplace is burning, and he puts his napkin in his lap as he sips a foamy vanilla latte. A copy of the U-T San Diego rests beside him. He owns that, too.

Manchester is clearly a good fit for the moneyed media mogul slot. When Davis first contacted the real estate magnate about an interview, Manchester was in Saudi Arabia touring oil fields with other corporate executives.

Davis also spoke to Manchester’s right-hand man, U-T San Diego CEO John Lynch, who reveals that it was his idea to buy the paper and some valuable embedded real estate assets. According to Lynch, the decision to purchase the publication was consummated over a one-hour breakfast at the aforementioned Grand Del Mar.

Davis’ richly constructed article, which also appears in the February issue of San Diego magazine, is a must-read for anyone who fancies themselves a SoCal media watcher.

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