Ustream for iPad Debuts: Call an Entomologist! Lots of Bugs

Streaming video service Ustream updated its iOS app to scale for the iPad’s larger screen.

UStream 2.1 (iTunes App Store)

It lets you view Ustream videos (live or recorded) as well as record an submit your own live video. But, you might want to wait for an update. This release looked very buggy to me. To start with I recorded a video and opted to store it locally. Unfortunately, although the app said it did so, I couldn’t find anything on my iPad. Next I tried live streaming but it repeatedly insisted that something was wrong with my network connection.

I also tried to login to Facebook Connect in the hopes of sharing video later. However, after typing in my account information, this is what I saw as a result. The app was unuseable at this point. I could not navigate away from the Facebook Connect login screen. I had manually shutdown the app from iOS.

A few hours later, I tried the Ustream app again and was able to stream two short videos live. However, only the first video was viewable in the iPad. Attempting to play the second video resulted in the error message seen in the screenshot above: Sorry, the format of this video is not supported. Note, this video was recorded using Ustream’s own app. The same error message was displayed when I attempted to view the second video in Ustream’s web interface. In other words, there is no way to view that video recorded using Ustream’s own app.

To add insult to injury, Ustream inserts a 30-second pre-roll add that comes up everytime my 17 second long video is played. And, I don’t even get a piece of the advertisement income. To make matters worse, my video does not play back completely in the web interface.

The last time I used Ustream was a year agon on July 12, 2010 when it updated its then even buggier iPhone app that recorded everything with a blue tint. It looks like I won’t be returning to Ustream until they provide another update to test.

Via TechCrunch: Ustream Lands On The iPad, Gives Couch Potatoes The Perfect Soapbox