Using Up Your Leftovers, One Sewer’s Way

There are admittedly lots of articles and blog posts these days on making the most from your leftovers, whether it’s yesterday’s omelette (make a sandwich out of now) or today’s pot roast simmering in a slow cooker, so it’s only natural that same thriftiness creep over into other aspects of our lives. One blogger, Jodie, has taken the concept to new levels to create a dress out of fabric selvages (the woven edge that usually has the manufacturer’s name on it). Now, that’s the stuff of Dress A Day loveliness. As Jodie admits on her Ric Rac weblog, that’s a lot of sewing. This writer/sewer also saves her selvages, but only to salvage a project, not to create an entirely new garment. You are welcome to likewise, at least these scraps won’t require refrigeration, just extra storage space underneath a bed.