Using Rewards to Get Consumers Watching Video Ads

AdGenesis, a dating service for branded content

AdGenesis, a New York-based video advertising startup, is using matchmaking skills to produce rewarding marriages between consumers and branded content.

The company announced Tuesday that it is launching a new application programming interface that will allow Web and mobile publishers to offer incentives to users who watch their ads. Advertisers tell AdGenesis what kind of consumers they’re looking for and provide a video to be uploaded into the AdGenesis database. After searching through data that it has gathered from its 4 million registered users, AdGenesis notifies selected consumers that they have been matched with the ad.

The users then watch the ad, either on a computer or mobile device, and confirm that they have viewed the entire video by entering a code. If a user doesn’t enter the code, the brand doesn’t pay, but if it does, the brand pays for that unique view (regardless of how many times a user replays the video). The brand then offers some sort of reward—it can be in the form of a coupon AdGenesis credits redeemable for goods, entry in a contest, or other consumer swag.

TechCrunch says that the AdGenesis service has already proved popular—four months after its launch, it has served 1.6 million viewed videos and generated more than 150,000 click-throughs to advertisers’ sites. The company has also announced a partnership with Parade magazine and plans to announce several more, both on the publishing side and the rewards side.

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