Ushering In the New Age of Quiet, One Conservative’s View

Wall Street Journal opinions columnist Peggy Noonan figures that Americans will be doing a lot more reading in the near future, with Kindle, the rediscovery of libraries and Amazon (which actually did quite well this year, if this story’s any indication. Anyhow, the former Reagan speechwriter contends that with more Americans at home, out of work, they will be searching for answers not online but the old-fashioned way, fingering the paper pages of a hardbound book. Noonan, for one, has found novels enchanting. She’s also been delighted by <emHenry James, the Mature Master, Harold Macmillan and The Duff Cooper Diaries. Not surprisingly, the conservative has been swayed by Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire and spellbound by The Blair Years, Alastair Campbell’s recount of his years of his service with Tony Blair. We’re intrigued that book reading could become the new status symbol. Could this be the end of the drive-by appeal of

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