UserVoice announces Android SDK for in-app customer support, increased user engagement

Image via UserVoice

UserVoice has today announced the UserVoice SDK for Android, bringing an all-in-one solution for managing in-app user engagement, feedback, customer support and more to developers. The SDK will allow developers to keep their users more engaged in their apps, even when they have problems, rather than leaving those users to search for support in other ways.

UserVoice looks to help developers retain users in a landscape moving more towards free-to-play and subscription based revenue models, and away from pay-to-download apps. The SDK allows developers to offer in-app customer support and an Instant Answers function, where users can access company “knowledge bases” to search for answers before filing support tickets for help.

“One of our number one requests from customers was to build the UserVoice SDK for Android and that is exactly what we have done,” said Richard White, CEO and founder of UserVoice in a company statement. “With the shift towards subscription based businesses and in­app purchases we’re seeing developers having to put more energy into customer support & gathering customer feedback to stay competitive. Android continues to build its market share and UserVoice wants to empower customers to reach and communicate with their users wherever they are.”

According to UserVoice, its SDK on iOS has already resulted in a 75 percent drop in junk or spam support tickets filed through traditional support email systems. One client, the PicCollage photo collage app, has seen a reduction of up to 49 percent of support requests altogether, thanks to the Instant Answers technology.

The SDK also supports in-app customer feedback, where users can post ideas and see suggestions from other users. Customers can vote on ideas that they’d like to see the most, encouraging developers to interact with those communities on a more personal level.

More information about the UserVoice SDK on Android can be found on UserVoice’s website.