Userplane Announces More Partnerships Amidst Meebo Hype

Today, Userplane has announced partnerships with three additional providers, Small Worlds Labs, Magnify and Pringo. Users of the new platforms leverage the power of Userplane’s chat and instant messaging applications. At this point it appears that there is a war of press releases going on in the social platform instant messaging space. While Userplane has been providing solutions to social networks for years, only last week did we learn that the new chat solutions are similar to Facebook chat, integrating directly with a social network’s user base and user connections.

Just last night Meebo announced that they too would be offering external web-based chat solutions to third-party websites. While the company already had a widget-based chatroom solution, the new offerings go head to head with Userplane. Will the company be able to take away clients from the company which previously faced little if no competition?

Not sure but given Meebo’s rapid growth over the past few years, there will definitely be new found tension between the two companies. Userplane was acquired by AOL back in 2006 and has since continued on an aggressive path, sparking partnerships with many third-party sites to embed their robust chat solution.

As I said last night, web-based chat solutions for social platforms has suddenly become an area to keep your eyes on.