Use Your Phone as a Stereo System

philips_bmt630.jpgThis was announced a few months ago, and we normally don’t cover specific gadgets. But it’s worth a mention that some devices are hitting the market that let you play music from your phone, wirelessly via Bluetooth, over a set of speakers.

For example, CNET News has this blurb and a photo of the Philips BTM630, a sort of combination alarm clock/iPod dock/Bluetooth speaker for cell phones. This author saw this device in person at a Philips press event back in June, though they took a few months to become available. Since it works with cell phones, if you get a call while music is playing, it will stop the music, ring, and show caller ID on the display. If you decide to answer, you can use the unit as a hands-free speakerphone during the call, and then let it keep playing music after hanging up.

Stereo Bluetooth doesn’t sound phenomenal — you’ll get better audio quality by sticking an iPod directly into the unit — but it’s an interesting technology and still good enough for background listening. The BTM630 retails for $199.

Philips gear syncs music with devices [CNET News]