How To Use Twitter To Make Sales

When you think of Twitter, making sales isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind. After all, how can you sell anything on a social network where most people do nothing but talk about themselves?

You sell because they talk about themselves!

Consider this: Google’s Adwords program is useful to marketers because people go on Google in search of answers. And, often times, those answers can be solved by corresponding businesses that advertise on it, resulting in a high ROI for Google advertisers.

Twitter users, however, accumulate followers, follow friends and celebrities and aren’t actively looking to have their problems solved. Despite that, you can use the social network to see what people are complaining about, what they are looking for, and then offer a solution.

But how do you find these folks? Use Twitter’s Advanced Search feature.

Here’s an example of how it works: Let’s say you’re an auto mechanic in Boston. If you search for “broken car” or “want a new car” in the “All of these words” field, and then restrict your search to only tweets from users located within 10 miles of Boston, you’ll get a list of tweets from Bostonians whose tweets have contained for those phrases.

The default search results give you the Top Tweets, so make sure to change the settings to All. Once you find someone with a need that you can provide a solution to, send them an @ message to connect – just don’t come on too strong initially.

Granted, there may not be many tweets that come up, but they can accumulate to give you some substantial business. One company for example, Avaya, a modular business solution provider, found someone tweeting about their service and the interaction resulted in a $250,000 sale.

And the best part? You can create an RSS Feed and use Google Reader to keep track of your searches too. Because Twitter removed the option to make RSS Feeds automatically, you can make one yourself here.

Have you used this strategy to make sales on Twitter? Do you plan to start using it? Let us know how it works (or has worked) out for you!

Nickolay Lamm is an internet marketing specialist.

(Hand pushing dollar icon image from Shutterstock)