Use Twitter Telepathy to Find Out What Your Friends Want for Christmas

Pulled a secret Santa that you just don’t know that well? tweeSP can help. It uses a super-secret method of telepathy (or, rather, an algorithm) to determine the top gifts for any Twitter user. I tested it out on myself below, for a mixed bag of results.

tweeSP is powered by Amazon, and as such all of the gift ideas Can be purchased from Amazon directly. And the makers of tweeSP aren’t taking any of the affiliate fees for themselves – they’re donating all of the proceeds to Toys for Tots.

There were some pretty random items on my Twitter gift list, including a high-powered drill set, a croquet set, and a super-warm sleeping bag (although this might be explained by my living in Canada). However, most of the books on the list were actually pretty good. They included books about freelance writing, the media, niche websites, and literature. Good stuff!

This is a fun little gadget even if you aren’t planning on buying a gift for a certain Twitter user. tweeSP has a list of popular Twitter users that you can test its program out on, including Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert and Katy Perry. Apparently, the US president would like nothing more than the newest model of the Apple iPod, a rotary tool kit, and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Your Military and Veteran Benefits”. Oh, and he’s also into House, M.D..