5 Ways to Use Twitter That Don’t Involve Tweeting

5 Ways to Use Twitter That Don't Involve Tweeting

If the thought of sending your 140-character thoughts out into the world has you paralyzed, never fear: there are plenty of ways to use Twitter that don’t actually involve tweeting.

1. Learn

With over half a billion tweets sent every day, there is a constant exchange of information happening right now about pretty much every topic imaginable.

You can use Twitter to learn about a variety of topics. Because others are using Twitter to set themselves apart as thought leaders, you have the opportunity to listen and learn from their tweets. They’re spending the time tweeting the latest blog posts and research about a topic, so why not take advantage of it and learn?

2. Listen in on the competition

Without sending a single tweet, you can learn a lot about your competitors’ digital marketing strategy.

You can add your competitors to a private list, and monitor their tweets regularly. You can also click through their profiles to see who they are following, to possibly uncover their client list. And, by checking out who they interact with most frequently, you can get a good idea of who their most influential customers are.

3. Learn about your customers

Twitter can be used as a massive database about your customers. Using third party tools, you can extract demographic and interest-based information about your customers that can help you understand their preferences, needs and behaviors.

You can also use Twitter to listen in on your customers, and potential customers, to generate leads and improve loyalty. Twitter’s search tool enables you to enter terms your customers might be using, and see – in real time – what they’re tweeting about. This can be especially useful for lead generation, as it can show you customers who are looking for a product or service like yours.

4. Follow the news

The real-time nature of Twitter has attracted many publications, journalists and citizens who are dedicated to reporting the news 24/7. And what this means, for you, is that you can stay up-to-date on the latest world events.

Many major news stories have broken on Twitter, and newspapers and journalists will often tweet breaking stories as they’re happening – before they actually publish an article. Twitter is also great for staying current on your local news, as community members share events and other newsworthy items in your hometown.

5. Follow your interests

Without sending a single tweet, you are able to tap into pretty much any topic under the sun. There are conversations about basketball, basket weaving and everything in between happening right now on Twitter. Whatever you’re interested in, you can find a community and listen in on what they have to say.

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