Use This Awkward App to Reveal Your Secrets With Public, Blurry Videos


You might have a secret, but why keep it? Share it using this Awkward video app and then the whole world will know. At the very least you can commiserate with strangers. Appealing, right? Internet secrets are the best kinds of secrets. Remember Post Secret? They were extremely popular. Well, they are still popular, but it’s not exactly app-friendly since you have to send a real, physical postcard to a real physical address. Someone then has to upload it to the Internet for all to see.

Then came Secret, the app that’s now the confession booth for Silicon Valley’s job dissatisfaction. It’s so popular, the startup raised $25M in its last round of funding. Perhaps Awkward is the type of social space that will gather Internet secrets, but are blurry videos gimmicky enough? Posting text-based secrets is simple, perhaps too simple. With Secret, users are bound to share less-than-truthful secrets – some are downright hurtful or spiteful. Will users be less likely to do so in the form of a 10-second video? Should we just all go to Confession instead?

Everybody has a funny story or something awkward to confess! With Awkward you can now record a 10-second video confession and share it anonymously with the Awkward community and your friends. The twist: You can decide how much blur you need. Crank up the blur-level until nobody will recognize you anymore. It’s fun. Watch others confessing awkward stuff in the feed and vote the best videos up!